This week, vegan singer Miley Cyrus paid her final farewells to her adopted companion pig named Pig Pig (formerly known as Bubba Sue). “Very sad to say… my dear friend Pig Pig has passed away … I will miss [you] always,” Cyrus said in her Instagram story. “Thank you for so many laughs and good times, girl.” Pig Pig was a fixture in Cyrus’ life and appeared with the singer on the cover of Paper Magazine in 2015. In that issue, Cyrus revealed, for the first time publicly, that she went vegan after witnessing her dog Floyd being attacked and killed by a coyote in 2014—the year she adopted Pig Pig. Shortly thereafter, Cyrus appeared on The Tonight Show and told humorous anecdotes about Pig Pig, including that she would chase Cyrus until the singer shared her peach with the pig. 

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