Le Bowhead Pub will open as Montreal, Canada’s first all-vegan pub on June 20. The pub will only serve alcohol that’s free of animal products such as fish-derived isinglass and egg-derived albumen, two ingredients often used in the filtration process. In addition to drinks, Le Bowhead will offer a food menu that features the Beyond Burger in various preparations, along with sides such as popcorn chicken (made with shiitake mushrooms), ANML fries (topped with vegan beef grounds, cheese, and special sauce), and Fritos pie (served with guacamole). “Le Bowhead is first and foremost a really good pub … it just happens to be free of animal products,” co-owner Sahar Cohen told outlet MTL Blog. “I wanted to create a cosy drinking hole where I can enjoy a few drinks and order anything from the menu without having to bother the staff about ingredients.”

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