Personal computer game Knife 2 Meat U is a 15-minute adventure that allows users to become a knife-wielding crustacean who aims to get revenge on a pair of humans—who were likely planning to have the sea creature for dinner. “Maybe your family was carted to the nearest chain seafood restaurant,” the game website says. “Maybe you escaped the local aquarium. The only thing that really matters is how sharp your knife is. Use your knife to destroy objects and solve puzzles before you face the biggest bad a crab has ever seen other than a wooden mallet.” The game begins with the knife-wielding crab in a swamp outside the house of his/her captors. Once the character gets its bearings, it must make its way towards the house and inside the kitchen. A silent-movie-style soundtrack captures the adventure-like tone of the game as the crab makes his/her way through the backyard swinging the knife, solving simple physics-based puzzles, and smashing objects for bonus points. Inside the house, the character finds a terrified human couple—one of whom attempts to attack the crab with a broom while the other cowers on top of the kitchen table—where the crustacean attempts to destroy them before they destroy him/her .

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