St. Marks Vegan Food Court recently opened in New York City. The all-vegan food court brings together Latin eatery VSpot, fast-casual restaurant Marty’s V Burger, comfort food cafe Veggie Grub, and bakery Jam Cakery NYC. VSpot owners Danny and Alex Carabaño and Steven Simicich created the food court to offer a variety of vegan options under one roof. “We were inspired to open a vegan food court because, quite simply, we’ve really never seen anything like it,” Alex Carabaño told VegNews. “We had this large space in a landmark building on a historic NYC street, so it made perfect sense to combine forces. We just love bringing our Latin menu alongside Marty’s V Burger, Chef Rootsie’s Jamaican food, and guilt-free desserts which are not only cruelty-free but also gluten, soy, and nut-free. Now customers get a great variety of plant-based comfort food that they can mix and match per order.” The venue also hosts video game nights on Fridays—which offers a Street Fighter II Turbo arcade, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros—in addition to weekly stand-up comedy nights for both professionals and amateurs, where co-owner and comic Alex Carabaño will often take the stage. Carabaño is working to add at least two more eateries, one that offers Asian-style cuisine and a pizzeria, to the food court lineup in the coming months.

Photo credit: LASE Salgado

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