Los Angeles-based food brand Eat Howl Inc. recently launched its flagship mac and cheese line at Whole Foods Market nationwide, other select retailers, and at online grocery store Vegan Essentials. The Mac & Chef line is available in two flavors: Classic Cashew and Spicy Chipotle. The shelf-stable line was developed by chefs working at high-end restaurants and is made with simple ingredients such as cashews, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, and garlic. 

Howl was co-founded by chef Craig Thornton, who previously founded Wolvesmouth—a typically non-vegan, art-infused underground supper club in LA. “Howl is driven by one fundamental philosophy: to put out better, more sustainable food using only quality and real ingredients the same way we would in a restaurant,” Thornton said.

The mac and cheese line is also available in six-pack bulk orders (which comes out to $5.99 per 10.3 ounce box) through the company website with free shipping throughout the continental United States. Howl is working to expand its Mac & Chef flavors and product portfolio in the near future. 

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