NYC Meat Emporium Now Serves Vegan Beyond Sausage

Sausage bar Schaller’s Stube—an offshoot of 80-year-old meat company Schaller & Weber—has added three vegan hot dog options to its menu.


Vegan meat-alternative Beyond Sausage is now on the menu at New York City’s meat-centric sausage bar Schaller’s Stube. The eatery—which operates out of the former meat intake area in 80-year-old meat emporium Schaller & Weber—serves all three flavors of Beyond Sausage, which are first sous vide and then crisped on a panini press. Customers can swap the Beyond Sausage in any existing menu item and ask for it to be served on a vegan pretzel bun. The restaurant also features three prepared items featuring the Beyond Sausage, including “The Original,” which is topped with Dusseldorf mustard and sauerkraut; “The Sweet Italian,” which includes sautéed onions and peppers; and “The Bahn-Meat,” which features the Hot Italian Beyond Sausage flavor topped with traditional bánh mì sandwich ingredients. Co-owner Jeremy Schaller added a plant-based sausage to the menu last year to fulfill consumer requests but said it lacked in texture and flavor, prompting him to seek a better meatless sausage. “For me, [Beyond Sausage] is not a meat replacement,” Schaller told Metro New York. “As a meat eater, if I want meat, I’m gonna (sic) eat meat, but this is a different thing I can enjoy.” Beyond Meat—makers of the popular Beyond Burger—debuted Beyond Sausage in December at one Whole Foods Market location in Colorado and plans to expand distribution of the product nationwide in coming months.

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