International chain Papa John’s will add three vegan pizzas to the menu of 350 locations in the United Kingdom on January 28. The new pies feature vegan cheese made by local brand Bute Island Foods and are available in three flavors: Vegan Sheese and Tomato, vegetable-loaded Garden Party with Sheese, and Hot Pepper Passion with Vegan Sheese. Additionally, the chain created a vegan version of its popular “Marmite and Cheese Scrolls” using Sheese in place of dairy and plans to develop future vegan options that feature Sheese. Papa John’s menu update is the brand’s response to a 30,000-signature petition launched by animal-rights group Animal Aid and online resource Vegan Food UK demanding more vegan options. “Papa John’s is committed to delivering better ingredients, better pizza and we’re excited to expand our menu so those with plant-based diets or dietary restrictions can enjoy it, too,” Liz Williams, Managing Director at Papa John’s, told Vegan Food and Living. “We worked closely with PETA, who helped us develop the recipes and find the best vegan products, so we expect that the new additions will be a huge hit.” Earlier this week, competing chain Pizza Hut UK announced that its limited-edition vegan Jack ‘n’ Ch**se pizza—created for the month of January in celebration of Veganuary—will be added to its permanent menu after it sold 17,700 vegan pies in three weeks.

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