Pinkberry Debuts Vegan Cold-Brew Frozen Yogurt

The frozen-yogurt chain’s new coconut milk-based flavor can be topped with vegan chocolate chips and mocha sauce for a decadent treat.


Starting today, Pinkberry will serve a limited-edition vegan Cold Brew frozen yogurt flavor. The new option is made with coconut milk and suggested toppings include chocolate chips and Chocolate Flavored Sauce (advertised as house-made mocha sauce)—both of which do not contain animal products. “Smooth and creamy, this flavor is the perfect blend for Cold Brew fans,” Pinkberry director of marketing Melissa Hubbell said. “Whether you are in search of a dairy-free option or simply a delightful pick-me-up, our new dairy-free Cold Brew is for you.” In 2015, the chain began experimenting with vegan frozen yogurt options by launching a fruit-and-juice-based rotation of a variety of flavors, starting with Tropical Mango. The Cold Brew flavor is available until April 18.

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