Pizza chain Little Caesars announced today that will be the first company to offer a new plant-based sausage made by Impossible Foods. The Impossible Supreme Pizza—which is not vegan-friendly as-is as it is topped with dairy-based cheese—is currently on the menu at select locations in Ft. Meyers, FL, Albuquerque, NM, and Yakima, WA. The pizza chain began working with Impossible Foods in October 2018, asking the plant-based company if it could create a meatless replacement to sausage, the most-ordered meat topping at Little Caesars. “Normally companies like to sell you the product they have, not the one they’re going to invent,” Little Caesars Chief Marketing Officer Ed Gleich told Business Insider. “But these guys could not have been more open to it.” While the pizza chain does not currently offer vegan cheese, its standard crust and sauce do not contain animal products. While the Impossible Sausage is only the second plant-based meat product from Impossible Foods, known for its popular Impossible Burger, the company aims to create plant-based replacements for all animal products by 2035. “It feels like we’re at that tipping point,” Gleich said. “We feel we are an innovative company and want to be … the first brand out as it tips.” Last week, competing brand Beyond Meat announced a partnership with Candian chain Tim Hortons which is now testing its Beyond Breakfast Sausage on select menus with the potential for a nationwide expansion by the end of summer.

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