Cooking can be a joy, but, let’s be honest, some things make it more stressful than it needs to be, and one of those is poor-quality cookware. Pots and pans that are subpar quality or are too old may not distribute heat evenly, cause food to stick, and are often harder to clean. On the other hand, investing in good quality cookware—made from durable materials and manufactured with attention to detail—can help to enhance the cooking experience. And for any budding home chef, enameled cookware is a great choice. Here’s why, plus five non-toxic products to check out.


What is enameled cookware?

Enameled cookware refers to pots, pans, and other cooking items that have been coated with enamel, a type of glass-like material. This coating creates a non-reactive surface on the cookware, meaning it won’t react with acidic foods. This means that tomato-heavy dishes, for example, won’t leave behind stains and discoloration on your beloved pans. Enamel also provides a smooth surface for cleaning, it’s relatively durable, long-lasting, and it’s versatile, too. 

Is enameled cookware non-toxic?

It is also generally considered a safer, non-toxic option for the kitchen. High-quality enamel cookware from reputable trusted brands is typically made with food-safe materials and coatings that are free from harmful chemicals such as lead and cadmium. That said, it’s not a given that enamel-coated cookware is always non-toxic, so make sure to do a thorough investigation of the brand and the product before you buy.

After you’ve made your purchase, it’s also important to treat enameled cookware with care—metal utensils or abrasive cleaners could scratch or damage the enamel surface, and this may increase the risk of toxins leaching into food.

Best enameled cookware: 5 nontoxic options

If you’re looking for great-quality, non-toxic enameled cookware, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below (from most expensive to least expensive) each of which is sure to enhance your overall cooking experience.


1 Vermicular Enameled Round Oven Pot, $384.69

Vermicular specializes in “thoughtfully designed” innovative cast iron cookware, all of which is nontoxic, and made with top-quality Japanese craftsmanship. This stunning oven pot, which comes in four classic colors, including Natural Beige, will cook your food to perfection, thanks to a precision seal that helps to lock in moisture and intensify the flavor of your ingredients.
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2 Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $379.95

While some of Le Creuset’s cookware may be made with PFAS (read more about the risks of those here), its cast iron and enameled cast iron options are PFAS-free. This round, dutch oven dish is one of the esteemed brand’s classic and much-loved options, and for good reason. It’s easy to move and transport thanks to the large, easy-to-grip handles, it can be used in the oven, on the hob, or under the grill, and it cooks with a nice steady temperature, resulting in great-tasting dishes. Plus, it comes in a range of vibrant colors, so it looks good, too.
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3 Staub Cast Iron Double Handle Fry Pan, $269

French brand Staub is always a great choice for high-quality cookware, and its enameled cast iron range is non-toxic, too. This fry pan from the company, for example, is ideal for all your shallow-frying needs—it’s durable, solid, and easy to move from the stove to the oven, thanks to the double-handle design.
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4 Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan, $155

Social media’s favorite pan, the Always Pan from Los Angeles-based cookware brand Our Place, also comes in an enameled cast iron version. It’s just as chic as the original (and comes in six stylish shades, including Lavender and Sage), but it doesn’t require seasoning, it’s easy to use, it’s versatile (it can braise, fry, roast, bake, and so much more), and it’s non-toxic, too.
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5 Carote Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot, $64.99

Finally, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on pans, that’s understandable. This enamel cast iron pot from Carote, which confirms on its website that it uses a non-toxic coating on its nonstick cookware, is a good-quality affordable option, that looks just as good as many of the more expensive pans on this list. It also boasts a comfortable, ergonomic design, even heat distribution, and it’s versatile, too.
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