Online retailer V-Market recently launched as the first vegan supermarket in Puerto Rico. The concept was developed by couple Christian Santarrosa and Jodelis Nieves and offers customers a variety of vegan foods, including big brands such as Silk, Violife, and Tofurky, local produce and products, along with home cleaning goods. The couple has been vegan for five years and V-Market has been in development for two of those years. 

“We’re the first supermarket in Puerto Rico whose merchandise is fully plant-based without animal ingredients,” Santarrosa said. “Unlike vegan health foods, V-Market focuses on food, not supplements. The idea is for the consumer to acquire all the products they find in a traditional supermarket, but free of cruelty and ingredients of animal origin, and with a ‘next day’ delivery service to the entire island.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses that operate virtually are continuing to grow, including VEDGEco., a Hawaii-based wholesaler of vegan products—which operates similar to Costco—that recently began serving the lower 48 states.

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