No-Bake Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Dreena Burton

No-Bake Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Looking for a tasty, nut-free snack for your the kiddo’s (or your own) lunchbox? These no-fuss, gluten-free bars come together in no time.

Serves: 8

These bars from the Plant-Powered Families cookbook are endlessly adaptable—simply add in your favorite crunchy nuts, spices, drizzles, or dried fruit. To keep it nut-free and allergen-friendly, try a seedy-and-chocolaty version with hemp seeds and cocoa powder, or a fruity, spiced version with dried cranberries and nutmeg and allspice.

What you need:

½ cup brown rice syrup
¼ packed cup coconut butter 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup rolled oats
¼ cup oat flour
2 tablespoons unsweetened shredded coconut
1½ cups brown rice crisp cereal
3 tablespoons vegan chocolate chips

What you do:

  1. Line an 8-inch square pan with parchment paper. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add brown rice syrup, coconut butter, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon. Stir until well combined and coconut butter has melted, then reduce heat to low. Add rolled oats, and stir through, cooking for 3 minutes.
  2. Add oat flour and shredded coconut, and stir through. Remove pot from stove. Quickly stir in cereal and transfer mixture to prepared pan. Press mixture evenly into pan. Sprinkle on chocolate chips and press into base. 
  3. Refrigerate until fully chilled, at least 30 minutes, then cut in squares or bars.
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