The 8 Best Vegan Things I Ate During My First Month in LA

From sugar-dusted croissants to fully loaded baked potato pizzas … Los Angeles is a vegan foodie’s dream.

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It’s been over a month since I made the move to Hollywood with the VegNews editorial team, and since then, I’ve been on a mission to try all of the amazing vegan eats in Tinseltown. Los Angeles is bursting at the seams with incredible and unique plant-based dishes, which is why we named it our top vegan city in the US in 2017. Here are my eight favorite vegan eats … so far.


1. Real Food Daily’s Breakfast Pizza
Real Food Daily is winning the brunch game with its fully loaded Breakfast Pizza. Tofu scramble, tater tots, tempeh bacon, and cashew cheese? What more could you want! Pair it with a bubbly mimosa or steamy chai latte for the ultimate brunch meal.

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2. The Kind Sage’s Soul Bowl
The Soul Bowl at Sage is pretty much the best example of a healthy yet indulgent meal. Steamed kale, sweet potatoes, black beans, and quinoa are paired with a Buffalo fried mac and cheese ball, a buttery biscuit, and housemade gravy for a dish I would order any day of the week. It’s all about balance, right?

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3. Ridiculous Baking Co.’s Almond Croissants
My first Sunday in LA was spent wandering through the Hollywood Farmers’ Market where I came across the Ridiculous Baking Co.’s booth piled high with dreamy vegan pastries. Its sugar-dusted, almond paste-filled buttery croissants are absolute flaky perfection.

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4. Cena Vegan’s Nachos
This Latin American pop-up food cart is taking over the LA vegan foodie scene one boat of pollo asada nachos at a time. It’s authentic tasting, seitan-based meats take this towering nacho dish to the next level along with a hefty scoop of guacamole, cashew crema, nacho cheese, salsa, and beans.

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5. Blue Star Donuts
Vegan doughnuts are ubiquitous in Los Angeles, and while we have our pick of old-school cake doughnuts and over-the-top yeast raised concoctions, the otherworldly flavors at Blue Star Donuts are the winner for me. Its Instagram-ready Matcha Latte and Mimosa Cake doughnuts can turn even the smoggiest of LA mornings around.

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6. Magpie’s Black Sesame Soft Serve with Magic Shell
When the heat inches above 95 degrees on a Friday, a trip to my favorite air-conditioned ice cream shop is in order. Magpie’s frosty swirls of dairy-free black sesame soft serve topped with vegan chocolate magic shell will be my ultimate cool-down treat during this first sweat-inducing LA summer.

7. Gracias Madre’s Sopes Con Mango
Aside from the fact that the inside of West Hollywood hotspot Gracias Madre is the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant I’ve ever been in, the menu is also very impressive. The beautifully plated Sopes Con Mango pairs savory potato masa cakes with fresh mango habanero salsa, cooling cashew crema, and a heaping scoop of guacamole.

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8. Mohawk Bend’s Baked Potato Pizza
Mohawk Bend has many allures: trendy exposed ceilings, an extensive bar selection, an old school photo booth, and last but not least, a mouthwatering vegan-friendly menu. Its Baked Potato pizza features roasted potatoes, garlic cream, green onions, sweet potato “bacon,” and vegan sour cream. Make sure to save a few slices to chow down on for a midnight snack … it’s still delicious cold!

Sarah McLaughlin is an assistant editor at VegNews and is always on the lookout for more amazing dishes in Los Angeles.

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