Domino’s New Zealand Might Soon Offer Vegan Cheese

The international chain is polling Kiwi consumers on social media to ascertain demand for vegan cheese—a move that landed Follow Your Heart’s mozzarella on menus across Australia in January.


Domino’s might soon serve vegan cheese at its locations in New Zealand. The international pizza chain’s New Zealand branch reached out to its followers on Facebook last week with a poll that asked, “Do you want vegan cheese?” The post received more than 1,000 likes, and commenters were eager for the chain to add plant-based cheese for reasons that included lactose intolerance and avoidance of dairy due to ethical concerns. “You’ve got to do it now,” Facebook respondent Caitlin Blake posted. “You can’t just tease us.” The Australian branch of the pizza chain posted a similar poll to its Facebook followers last year, which resulted in the permanent addition of vegan cheese by California brand Follow Your Heart to its menus across Australia in January. Shortly after Domino’s launch of vegan cheese—which customers can order in three prepared pizza options or as a substitution for dairy cheese—regional CEO Nick Knight revealed that he was shocked by the popularity of the new option, which continues to sell out across Australian locations. Competing chain Pizza Hut also added vegan cheese—courtesy of Greek brand Violife—to its United Kingdom locations in November after receiving overwhelming consumer demand for plant-based options.

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