Domino’s to Debut Cheesy Vegan Garlic Bread

The Australian branch of the international pizza chain asks fans if they want cheesy vegan garlic bread added to its menu.


Domino’s Australia took to social media last week to gauge interest in a new vegan menu item. “We know that garlic bread has been a staple for our vegan customers for a while now,” Domino’s Australia posted on Facebook. “Should a vegan cheesy garlic bread make it to our menu?” The post received overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, including from Australian animal-rights activist James Aspey. “That would be epic; plus, you know it’s gonna do well because vegans love epic vegan food,” Aspey posted. “Plus, it’s healthier—and dairy cheese is full of cholesterol, fat, and animal cruelty.” Last year, Domino’s Australia took a similar approach in gauging interest when it added cheesy vegan pizzas to its menu; a move precipitated when fans were asked to weigh in on Facebook regarding whether they wanted vegan cheese. In January, Domino’s partnered with Follow Your Heart to debut three cheesy vegan pizzas, and in March, New Zealand locations teased its own vegan cheese menu update on social media. Just this week, the pizza chain’s Netherlands locations debuted its own three cheesy vegan pizzas—developed with the help of the Dutch Society for Veganism.

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