This week, Sands Resort Macao (a subsidiary of Sands China) added a vegan “chopped pork bun” to 14 of its restaurant menus. The bun is made with Omnipork, a vegan alternative to pork developed by new brand Right Treat. The bun was introduced as part of a collaboration with the Green Monday campaign, founded by David Yeung, who also owns Right Treat and vegan-friendly grocery chain Green Common. “We went from being the ‘weird people,’ the minority, troublesome people, to now … companies calling us to ask how [can] they participate in this green movement,” Yeung told media outlet SCMP Style. “We’re talking about all sorts of restaurants, and this is so important to have happened in Asia.” In addition to the pork bun, Sands Resort will offer an all-vegan menu inside staff dining rooms on Mondays, as well as add other plant-based dishes made with Beyond Burgers and vegan egg replacer JUST Egg. “By implementing this initiative, both for the community and its 28,000 staff members, Sands China is playing a major part of aligning Macao with this leading global movement.”

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