This week, Santa Anita Race Track in California has ceased operations indefinitely after the death of four-year-old horse Lets Light the Way—who was euthanized on Tuesday after sustaining an injury on the track. The horse is the 23rd to die in Santa Anita (21 deaths on the track and 2 off) since December 26, 2018, and follows the death of fellow racehorse Eskenforadrink on Saturday. Light the Way’s trainer Ron McAnally believes the increased death rate is caused by rainy weather conditions on the track, and told ESPN that the horse’s untimely death is the result of her taking “a bad step or something.” The Bleacher Report noted that the death rate is unusual, stating, “There were only 20 deaths at the racetrack during all of 2017, so the recent rate is certainly concerning.” Animal-activist group Horse Racing Wrongs—which recently organized protests at the Santa Anita Track—is celebrating the indefinite closing of the horse-racing venue in its effort to push for a nationwide ban of the cruel “sport.”

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