Subway Now Offers Vegan Menu at 1,000 Locations

Vegan options are now available in California, Connecticut, Florida, and Washington, DC.


It’s official: Subway now has vegan sandwiches at more than 1,000 locations nationwide. The all-vegan, protein-packed options include the Black Bean and Malibu Garden submarines and are being rolled out in Connecticut, southern Florida, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. As a way to encourage the fast-food chain to offer more plant-based options, animal organization Compassion Over Killing launched a ”We Love Subway” campaign five years ago, asking consumers to request vegan sandwiches. Subway joins other mainstream food outlets such as White Castle and Chipotle in adding more meat-free options to the menu. As for further expansion, that remains to be determined. “Subway continues to evaluate its menu and explore new options in response to our customers’ increasing demand for foods personalized to their tastes; however, no decisions regarding additional vegan menu items are being made at this time,” the company told VegNews.

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