Sydney-based company Modibodi recently debuted a vegan collection of underwear, swimwear, and leggings designed to be worn during menstruation. While some period underwear, including Modibodi’s other lines, is made using merino wool, Modibodi’s vegan collection is made with bamboo and cotton and features the brand’s proprietary Modifier Technology with high absorbency capabilities. Modibodi’s period underwear is available in two vegan styles: Heavy/Overnight (which can hold up to three tampons worth of liquid) and Lightweight (which holds up to up to one and a half tampons worth of fluid). Entrepreneur Kristy Chong—a former public relations specialist for clients such as McDonald’s Australia—created the brand in 2011 to empower women to experience mess-free periods that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than disposable products such as tampons and pads. “We believe that periods are precious, that sweat is therapy, and that feeling 100 percent protected during both is the stuff of dreams,” the brand manifesto states. “We’re for stronger pelvic floors and leaky life-giving boobs. We’re down with our discharge, even prouder of our pregnancy shows, and you betcha—runaway bladders are welcome here, too. We’re breaking taboos, opening minds, and offering a reusable, sustainable option that’s not just for women—but for the benefit of all bodies on this planet.”  

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