Renowned hot-sauce brand Tabasco recently partnered with Canadian breakfast chain Sunset Grill Restaurants to promote the chain’s new Southwest Vegan Breakfast Hash, now available at the eatery’s 81 locations across Canada. The new menu item—which was created in part by customer demand for more vegan-friendly breakfast options—combines home fries with sautéed onions, red pepper, and mushrooms with diced tomatoes and guacamole, and is served with a bottle of Tabasco Chipotle Sauce for a limited time. “The smoky profile of the Tabasco Chipotle Sauce perfectly complements the Southwest flavor of Sunset Grill’s vegan hash and really takes the dish to a whole new level,” Angelo Christou, founder and CEO of Sunset Grill, said. The Tabasco Chipotle Sauce is made of smoked red jalapeño peppers and is considered a “medium” on the Scoville scale, which means it will give you a kick of heat without completely knocking your socks off.

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