Whether it’s an 8 am cortado or a comforting 3 pm cappuccino, for many of us, coffee is part of our routine that allows us to be productive members of society. But you don’t have to outsource this mandatory caffeine rush. 

Instead, stay in the comfort of your own home and invest in a quality milk frother and make your latte/cortado/cappuccino at home. Here are eight vegan milk options that produce barista-worthy results.

The benefits of barista milk blends

While most plant-based milks will work well in a coffee, if it’s that creamy, latte-style whip you’re after, you’re better off choosing a barista blend. This is because barista vegan milks are made specifically for frothing and foaming—they often contain extra emulsifiers, thickeners, and more fat and protein, all so that the silky, creamy effect in your latte is just right.

The best vegan milk for making lattes at home

There are many different types of barista blends on the market, so whether you prefer almond, oat, soy, or even pea, there will be something for you.

VegNews.CalifiaFarmsBaristaBlend.CalifiaFarmsCalifia Farms

1 Califia Farms Barista Blend Almondmilk

Considered the gold standard of milk alternatives, baristas in third-wave coffee shops have been stocking this reliable almond milk way before the oat milk craze caught on. It froths beautifully, making it perfect for foamy cappuccinos and intricate latte art. Be sure to buy the sweetened version (with the red label), as it provides just enough flavor without overpowering the espresso. (Word to the wise: the unsweetened version, with the green label, will make your drink taste bitter.)
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2 Oatly Barista Edition

Between late 2016 and early 2017, oat milk became the new almond milk—thanks to Oatly. In the US, the Swedish brand launched exclusively in coffee shops, capturing a loyal following amongst caffeine-seeking crowds nationwide. This beverage is ultra-creamy, not too sweet, and foams magnificently. Try it in your favorite espresso beverage or use it as a base for the ever-trending dalgona coffee beverage.
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3 Pacific Soy Barista Series

Some third-wave coffee shops are abandoning soy in favor of homemade vegan milks or trendier options such as oat and macadamia. However, soy remains the most reliable option when it comes to milky espresso beverages. Unlike these alternative milks that can taste sour when heated too high or combined with certain espressos, the flavor of soy remains smooth and stable. The Pacific brand is ideal, as some soy milks can be cloyingly sweet.
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4 Pacific Foods Almond Barista Series

Similar to Califia Farms, this brand of barista-approved almond milk is used in coffee shops across the country—from Peet’s Coffee to independent roasters. It’s subtly sweetened to mask any bitterness that may result after steaming, but you won’t be able to detect the sugar when combined with a shot of espresso. It also stands up to the foam test, making it an excellent option for cappuccinos and macchiatos.
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5 Ripple Barista-Style

Due to its high protein content and nut-free ingredient list, pea milk is steadily gaining traction. Ripple is the Oatly of pea milk—the brand is responsible for ushering it into popularity amongst plant-based and omnivorous consumers alike. Pea milk is dense and creamy, so there’s no fear of watering down your espresso (as homemade milks tend to do). The flavor is neutral and baristas confirm it’s a reliable option to create latte art. We wouldn’t be surprised if pea milk becomes the new oat.
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6 NotMilk Barista Plant-Based Milk

Made by Chilean vegan company NotCo, NotMilk is for the cow’s milk fans among us. While many other plant-based milks are creamy and delicious, this one is designed specifically to accurately mimic the taste and texture of the real deal, just without any of the actual dairy. Developed alongside baristas, this creamy, frothable version of the formula will have your friends questioning whether you accidentally picked up the wrong milk at the grocery store.
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7 BamNut Milk Barista

You might think you’ve heard it all when it comes to vegan milk. Macadamia nuts, cashews, peas, oats, and almonds all make for tasty milk alternatives, there’s no doubt. But what about Bambara groundnuts? Hailing from West Africa, this legume tastes kind of like a sweet peanut, and it’s the perfect base for a tasty, creamy, sustainable, barista milk.
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VegNews.baristalatte.goodkarmaGood Karma

8 Good Karma Barista Blend

Based in Colorado, Good Karma has a whole range of alternative milk products, most of which are made with flaxseeds. But the brand also has a handful of mixed options, including this creamy, unsweetened barista blend, which is made with whole grain oats, pea protein, and flax oil, too.
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