Tesco, the United Kingdom’s largest supermarket chain, is expected to close its meat, fish, and deli counters as part of its plan to create a more efficient business operation. The supermarket is also reportedly reducing its staff by 15,000 and replacing staffed canteens with vending machines. “We’re always looking at ways to run our business more simply and efficiently,” a Tesco spokesperson said. Despite cuts, the chain more than doubled its Wicked Kitchen vegan prepared food line last fall to meet the growing demand for plant-based food after sales increased by more than 25 percent last year. The line, which was created by Tesco executive chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation Derek Sarno and his brother Chad Sarno includes items such as Spicy Veg and Mushroom Sourdough Pizza, Pesto Lasagna, and Charred Pineapple Dream Cake. In addition to the Wicked Healthy line, Tesco recently added vegan steak Vivera and vegan pizzas made by European brand Oumph! to its shelves.

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