Legendary band The Grateful Dead recently released its own line of vegan deodorant in partnership with Indiana-based North Coast Organics, a family-owned vegan body care brand run by mother-and-son team Debbie and Nathan Morin. “Along with our love of the music, Dead Heads also often identify themselves as socially and environmentally conscious, and with that awareness is a love of the world around us, and the desire to help protect it,” The Grateful Dead band manager and archivist David Lemieux said. “Ethical and kind, North Coast Organics lives and functions as we do, with an awareness that the future’s here, we are it, and we need to take care of the planet and ourselves.”

Each deodorant is handmade in small batches using only vegan and edible ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and organic essential oils. The line features five deodorant varieties: Unscented, Skull & Roses (lavender and rose), Sunshine (blood orange and bergamot), Workingman’s (cedarwood and juniper), and Timber (Douglas fir and sage). 

“I have been a Dead Head since 1999. The music and spirit of the Grateful Dead have influenced my company’s core principles of service, veganism, and organic agriculture,” North Coast Organics founder and CEO Nathan Morin said. “The Grateful Dead have inspired us to stay true to our main mission of social responsibility

The entire line—which features the band’s iconic lightning bolt on its packaging—can be purchased on the North Coast Organics website and will launch in retail stores in July.

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