Vegan bakery Innate Foods opened this month in St. Paul, MN. Founder Laura Ford opened her home—a small, 1920-era structure in the Southern Hayden Heights that previously operated as a barbershop—as a live-in bake shop where she serves a variety of gluten-free vegan goods, including pie crusts, brownies, scones, and cookies, along with savory items. “I love the fact that of all the types of businesses that can bring a community together, a barbershop and a bakery are at the top of the list,” Ford told City Pages. “Continuing that tradition means a lot to me, especially since we will be offering baked goods that are simply too hard to find anywhere else.” Ford can legally operate Innate Foods from her home under Minnesota’s Cottage Food Law and is working with city officials to install signage.

Photo credit: @culinarytribute

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