Our garbage is destroying the planet, but could fashion help save it? Designers are taking what we toss away and turning it into high-style accessories that are on-trend, not trashy. Here are our picks for the hottest accessories built from rehabbed refuse. No animals—nor planet—were harmed in the making of these looks.


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1. Stella McCartney Stan Smith sneakers
The internet nearly exploded when Madonna put on her pair of Stella McCartney’s new vegan take on classic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. The shoes are made from recycled polyurethane, a plastic material used in refrigerators, furniture, car parts, and mattresses. Last year, McCartney announced that she would be using a yarn created from old fishing nets, bottles, and other refuse that pollutes the ocean in the creation of her bags, shoes, and outerwear.


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2. Trópicca purses
These super cute vegan purses have just the right amount of shimmer, whether you’re adding a little glam to your movie night or you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your fundraiser gown. Available at MooShoes, this one is made from recycled VHS tapes.


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3. Nat-2 fungi shoes
These eco-friendly sneakers combine an innovative “mushroom leather” fabric made from an actual fungus, with vegan microfiber suede composed from recycled PET bottles. Their warm brown color lends itself to an earthy vintage look.


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4. Matt & Nat handbags
All-vegan accessories brand Matt & Nat keeps their line cruelty-free by offering handbags, belts, footwear, and more without the use of animal products. They also help keep trash from landing in landfills, and the oceans, by using linings for their bags that are made out of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. The company continues to work towards incorporating more environment-saving materials into their designs, and has introduced recycled bicycle tires into their collections.


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5. Love is Mighty shoes and handbags
Love is Mighty accessories add glittery flare to your wardrobe, but they can also save the planet. These gorgeous hand-crafted vegan bags and shoes are actually made from recycled biscuit wrappers. The company works with local artisans, and supports indigenous economies, so shop until you drop: you’ll be supporting the animals, saving the Earth, and helping people, too.


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6. Genusee eyewear
Stylish and sophisticated Genusee specs are more than just lookers. They are made from recycled plastic water bottles from Flint, Michigan. Genusee’s creators took the excess plastic waste caused by the water crisis in Flint, and turned water bottles into high-style eyewear. Every pair sees the upcycling of 15 water bottles.


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7. Susi Studio shoes
These stunning vegan shoes are perfect to party in, but also environmentally sound. Susi Studio created them using soft, luxurious microsuede that is actually made from recycled materials. So you’ll be saving the planet with every dance move.


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8. Cons X Chocolate Kenny sneaker collection
We love that when professional skater Kenny Anderson created a line of skate shoes with Converse, he not only made them vegan, but used recycled canvas that may have otherwise become trash. An ethical vegan, Anderson created three different interpretations of the classic Chuck Taylor style with the company.


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9. Pure Detroit handbags
If there’s one thing we associate with the Motor City, it’s cars, and so it’s fitting that the company Pure Detroit has launched a line of vegan handbags made from seatbelts (that would have otherwise become garbage). Pure Detroit worked with the accessories company Harveys to create the bags in a variety of colors and styles.


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10. Recycled Vegan accessories
Of course it doesn’t take a major company to take something old and make it new again. Recycled Vegan offers accessories ranging from wallets made out of fire hoses, to a crossbody bag made out of inner tubes, all available on Etsy.


Maya Gottfried is the Digital Editor for VegNews and author of the books Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal and Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary.

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