This week, international chain Tim Hortons added a vegan sausage to its menus at select locations across the United Kingdom. Made by British vegan brand Moving Mountains Foods, the new sausage is available in three menu items: Veggie Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Muffin, Vegan Wrap, and a Veggie Burger (the bun, cheese, and mayonnaise of which are not vegan). This week, Moving Mountains also launched its (new) Sausage Burger, Sausage, and Hot Dog in the frozen aisle of 400 locations of supermarket Sainsbury’s in the UK. “We have spent years perfecting our recipes with a team of scientists, farmers, and chefs to ensure our products emulate meat in taste and texture and they are the closest replication to a pork burger, pork sausage, and hot dog in the UK,” Moving Mountains Founder Simeon Van der Molen said. In Canada, Tim Hortons began its partnership with vegan brand Beyond Meat last May, first testing its Beyond Sausage inside a breakfast sandwich at select locations before expanding three items—Beyond Meat Vegan Sandwich, a vegetarian Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich, and Beyond Meat Farmers Breakfast Wrap—to the permanent menu at its British Columbia and Ontario locations in September. In July, the chain also began testing vegan omelettes made with JUST Egg at select Canadian locations.  

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