Today, legendary vegan brand Tofurky unveiled its new Moocho dessert sub-brand with a line of vegan cheesecakes. The new dessert offerings are available in three flavors: Triple Berry Swirl, New York Style Vanilla, and Chocolate. “After including a plant-based espresso cheesecake in our limited-edition holiday feast kits this past year, we received overwhelming feedback from consumers and retailers asking to include the product in chilled bakery and frozen dessert cases year-round,” Tofurky CEO Jaime Athos said. “After revisiting the branding, pack, and recipe, Moocho Cheesecakes was born. We have called the sub-brand Moocho because we felt a creamy, sweet product like cheesecake would be better suited to dairy-inspired branding than the savory, protein-anchored Tofurky brand.” In addition to the cheesecakes, Tofurky will expand its regionally distributed frozen Tofurky Pockets to be available nationwide in three “melty” flavors: Ham & Cheddar, Turk’y, Broccoli & Cheddar, and Pepp’ronni Pizza. The new cheesecakes and pockets will be available at Tofurky’s retail partners starting in May.

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