Vegan brand Tofurky will be celebrating 5 million Tofurky roasts sold since commercial production began more than two decades ago. The signature vegan roast—made from a blend of wheat protein and tofu, and stuffed with wild rice and bread crumbs—has long been a holiday centrepiece for vegans and vegetarians throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Tofurky sold 500 roasts in its first year in 1995 (the first year the roast was commercially available, though the company itself was founded in 1979) and is now producing more than 700,000 pounds per year. This Thanksgiving, the annual Tofurky Trot 5K running event will celebrate the sales milestone with more than 1000 participants in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR running to raise money for local animal sanctuaries and vegan advocacy groups. “It’s been an incredible honor being part of so many celebrations and dinner conversations around the world’s tables since 1995,” Tofurky founder Seth Tibbott told VegNews. “It’s now breathtaking seeing Tofurky and many other plant-based proteins reaching more and more tables as the world dramatically shifts towards tasty, sustainable, and compassionate food choices.” The roasts are available in supermarkets throughout the United States, such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Publix, and Kroger, and the company is actively expanding its production capacity to keep up with demand.

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