Today, plant-based Impossible Burger is launching at grocery chain Trader Joe’s nationwide. The 12-ounce package of plant-based beef is available in the refrigerated or frozen section for $7.99 (price may vary by location). “We plan to expand our retail presence 50-fold in 2020 alone and to make the Impossible Burger accessible wherever Americans go grocery shopping,” Impossible Foods president Dennis Woodside said. “We’re particularly excited about the launch of Impossible at Trader Joe’s, a beloved institution with die-hard fans and a company known particularly for its great meat, cheese, and wine selection.”

In September 2019, Impossible Foods made its retail debut at supermarket Gelson’s in Southern California followed by an East Coast launch at retailers Fairway and Wegmans shortly thereafter. In May, the company expanded distribution of its Impossible Burger to 1,700 Kroger and Kroger-owned stores in 28 states. With the new Trader Joe’s launch, the Impossible Burger is now available at 5,000 retail locations. 

In addition to Impossible Burger, Trader Joe’s also offers its own Plant-Based Protein Patties in vegan beef and turkey flavors.

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