On this Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah dispelled a “scandal” that Fox News has created against New Jersey Senator Cory Booker after he announced his run for president in 2020. “What I have really enjoyed so far, is some of the ‘scandals’ that plagued democratic candidates,” Noah said during the segment. “Because with Trump, his scandals are so massive and exhausting—it’s like sex with a porn star, conflicts of interest, corruption in his cabinet. It’s been refreshing to have old-school silly scandals again.” Noah discussed several Democratic candidates, including Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand, before dedicating most of the segment to Booker.

“Maybe the most shocking scandal roiling the Democratic party right now is that that Cory Booker is a healthy eater,” Noah said sarcastically. The segment cuts to footage of several Fox News reports that focused on Booker in recent weeks, many of which cite an exclusive VegNews interview wherein Booker discussed veganism. “I don’t even understand how this is on the news. I say if Cory Booker wants to be a vegan president, he should go for it,” Noah said, adding that Booker’s beliefs should not be perceived as a threat. The segment then highlighted clips of Fox News pundits focusing on a fabricated statement that Booker will ban meat should he become president, particularly that of conservative commentator Sean Hannity who warned the American public that it needs to stockpile meat in the freezer.

“I feel so bad for people that take Fox News seriously,” Noah said. “It’s got to be so much work because they’re always telling you that the Democrats are coming for your [expletive]. You gotta stockpile a lifestyle supply of meat; you’ve gotta stockpile guns; you’ve gotta keep your fossil fuels, your bibles, American flags, [and] Confederate statues. There must be one closet at your house that’s just chaos. Fox News is like reverse Marie Kondo. Just put everything in your house as long as it sparks rage.”

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