New weekly podcast Cash Cow Radio will focus on exposing corporate crime within industries that exploit animals for food, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. The podcast is co-hosted by former leather shoemaker Stephanie Nicora (who now owns vegan brand Nicora Shoes) and Natalie Blanton—an environmental scientist who grew up rural Utah where cattle ranching is the norm. “We’re hunting down the corporate bad guys and blowing the whistle on the industries we used to work inside,” Nicora said. “These are fascinating true crime stories with substance. You’re not just going to be entertained—these stories will make you furious and hopefully inspire you to get out there and help us shut down the monsters behind these evil industries.” The podcast will explore “serial killers hiding in plain sight” in various industries that exploit animals, including Brazil’s floating feedlot ships that transport thousands of animals to slaughter. Cash Cow Radio will also highlight heros fighting to end animal suffering, including the Black Mambas—South Africa’s first majority female anti-poaching group. The first episode focuses on cosmetics brand NARS—which relinquished its cruelty-free status in order to sell in China—and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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