Two in three adults (66 percent) in the United States are interested in trying clean meat, according to a new report compiled by research firm Faunalytics. In January and February, researchers surveyed a representative group of 1,185 adults in the US to understand their attitudes about slaughter-free meat and found that 46 percent would regularly buy it, and 40 percent were willing to pay more. The report revealed that 53 percent of respondents were interested in replacing conventional animal-agriculture altogether. Faunalytics found that priming consumers with a message about the unnatural side of conventional animal agriculture (such as the use of antibiotics and hormones) resulted in an increased acceptance of clean meat, while explaining that clean meat is “natural” and did not have the same effect. When presented with the prompt: “Clean meat is real meat, made without the need to raise and slaughter farm animals (conventional meat). It will be available in the next few years,” 64 percent of participants agreed that clean meat is a positive innovation, 73 percent believed it to be more environmentally friendly, and a majority believed that clean meat would be safe, healthy, and taste the same as conventional meat. Companies around the world, including Europe’s Mosa Meat, California’s JUST and Memphis Meats, and Israel’s SuperMeat and Future Meat Technologies, are all working to debut their first clean-meat products as early as this year.

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