Tyson Found Torturing Animals, Again

New Mercy For Animals investigation reveals widespread abuse and neglect of chickens at Tyson factory farms.

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A new undercover investigation conducted by animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) exposes the torture of animals at poultry giant Tyson’s Nashville, TN factory farm. MFA documented workers violently clubbing chickens to death, breaking their necks, neglecting severely ill and injured birds, and carelessly throwing baby chicks. “They are crammed into filthy, windowless sheds; thrown, kicked, and brutalized by careless workers; and bred to grow so fast they suffer from painful leg deformities and heart attacks,” MFA president Nathan Runkle said. “This is sickening animal abuse no company with morals should support.” A 2015 MFA video revealed similar abuses on a separate farm, prompting actor Alec Baldwin to say that “Tyson Foods has not only the power, but also the ethical responsibility to end the worst forms of animal cruelty in its supply chain.” This new investigation is evidence that conditions at Tyson—which supplies restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC—have not improved. Furthermore, Tyson has been found to dump more toxins in waterways than ExxonMobil and was recently named in an Oxfam America report as a company that unofficially requires its workers to wear diapers because they are denied bathroom breaks.

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