UK Chain Launches The Vegan Whoopi Goldburger

Burger chain Patty & Bun used to have zero vegan options before introducing the Whoopi Goldburger, made with tempeh patty, coconut oil-based cheese, and toppings galore.


Last week, United Kingdom-based fast-casual chain Patty & Bun debuted an innovative vegan burger to the menu of its London and Brighton locations. The Whoopi Goldburger features a blended mushroom-and-tempeh patty topped with coconut oil-based vegan gouda cheese, pickled cucumbers, diced onion, mustard, ketchup, and lettuce served on a vegan bun. Prior to the vegan-burger launch, the eatery served mostly a meat-centric menu with one vegetarian burger option and scarce vegan menu items. A number of UK businesses have begun to cater to the growing number of vegans in the region—which, according to The Vegan Society, has increased by 360 percent in the previous decade—including UK-based Italian chain Carluccio’s adding a 20-item vegan Italian menu in October, Pizza Hut adding a vegan cheese option across England in November, and all major supermarkets having launched vegan lines in recent months.

Photo courtesy of Justin De Souza

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