In August, United Kingdom-based vegan pizzeria Purezza will open a two-story location in Brighton & Hove—the first all-vegan restaurant in the South East England city. The location will occupy a closed pâtisserie and feature upcycled furniture, eco-friendly decorations, and organic plants. The menu will include Purezza’s award-winning pizzas, cocktails, a full gluten-free menu, and raw items such as tiramisu for dessert. 

In 2015, Purezza opened in Brighton as the UK’s first vegan pizzeria before expanding to a two-story London location. The company also recently opened its own vegan cheese factory. The new location will ease the long lines—in which customers wait up to three hours—at its Brighton location and allow for local delivery to surrounding communities. 

“2020 was always set to be a big year for Purezza, and whilst the coronavirus crisis was an unforeseen challenge, it won’t affect our plans. Purezza is a growing brand, but our home has always been Brighton & Hove,” Purezza co-owner and co-founder Tim Barclay said. “Before looking at national expansion, we’re proud to be able to give some of our most dedicated customers a brand new beautiful space in Hove to enjoy.”

In 2019, Purezza became the first vegan entrant to win an award in the prestigious Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (World Pizza Championship) in Parma, Italy.

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