UK Supermarket Doubles Vegan Milk Products

British chain Sainsbury’s responds to customer demands by expanding its dairy-free offerings.


Last week, the UK supermarket chain added 18 more plant-based milk alternatives—doubling its dairy-free offerings—to the shelves of 300 stores. “We’re delighted with the performance of our dairy alternative milk [line] over the last year,” Sainsbury’s milk buyer James Curtis said. “By adding these fantastic quality, great-tasting branded lines like Califia Farms, we will be a real destination shop for customers looking to replace regular milk with non-dairy alternatives.” Sainsbury’s reported that the performance of its plant-based milk category has grown by 11.5 percent last year, and 28.8 percent in the past two years. Two major supermarket chains, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, are battling to attract the business of Britain’s growing vegan population—as evidenced by both markets launching their own vegan cheese lines only months apart. Meanwhile, GreenBay opened in May as London’s first all-vegan supermarket, selling more than 1,000 cruelty-free products including food, household items, and alcoholic beverages.

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