Today, Swedish transport technology company Einride announced its partnership with Oatly to help the brand transition to all-electric vehicles along its commercial transport route—making it one of the first companies in the world to do so. The partnership will commence in the later part of 2020, with Einride supporting the transport of Oatly’s finished oat-based products in electric trucks from its production facilities in Sweden, to intermediate destinations within the market. “Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and we are committed to driving change across the food industry through embracing new sustainable solutions in every area of our business,” Simon Broadbent, Supply Chain Director at Oatly, said. “Electrical transportation is a key part of our supply chain strategy globally and on these routes, we will be reducing our carbon footprint by 87 percent. So naturally we are super-excited at exploring this new opportunity with Einride.”

Oatly will also use Einride’s Freight Mobility Platform, a tool that launches in June which will provide the company with key, real-time data—such as shipping volume and distance driven—to help it reduce future costs and carbon impact from shipments. “Road freight transport as it currently exists is a system that drastically needs to change,” Einride CEO and Founder Robert Falck said. “Nearly seven percent of global carbon dioxide emissions come from this road freight, a figure that will only increase if we do not switch to more sustainable solutions like Einride’s Freight Mobility Platform, which enables both a sustainable business and environment. We are proud to grow our intelligent movement alongside Oatly, a pioneer in sustainable food production.”

While Oatly is starting the program in its home country of Sweden, the company plans to electrify its commercial routes in the United States in the near future. The commercial transport shift will result in significant environmental benefits as Oatly continues to grow its global distribution network with new partnerships such as Starbucks—which added the oat milk to its menu at approximately 1,300 Midwest US locations in January and 4,200 locations across China last month.

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