French patisserie L’Artisane Creative Bakery’s vegan croissants were recently voted as the “Best Croissant” in Miami, FL. Local newspaper Miami New Times gathered votes from its community for the annual “Best of Miami 2019” competition and the vegan bakery came out on top in the croissant category. “Carolina Quijada, a classically trained, European-inspired chef (who just happens to be vegan) dedicated herself to recreating cruelty-free versions of all the buttery French pastries she once adored,” the newspaper wrote. “She spent years experimenting with different ingredients, only to perfect a recipe for the flakiest, most buttery, most mouthwatering croissant ($3.75), adored by omnivores and vegans alike across South Florida.” The croissants can be found at L’Artisane’s bakery as well as Miami restaurants such as Glam Vegan and Plant South Beach. This is not the first time the bakery won a competition for its vegan croissants. Last year, L’Artisane became the first vegan bakery to win the annual Croissant Battle Miami competition.

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