Vegan film 73 Cows won the 15-Minute Best Short Film category during the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards this weekend. Directed by Alex Lockwood, the film follows former cattle farmer Jay Wilde as he decides to send his entire herd to a local sanctuary instead of sending them to slaughter. Wilde was vegetarian when he inherited the farm from his father and went vegan after realizing that cows have emotions. The film depicts Wilde’s transition from cattle ranger to a vegetable farmer, and points out the difficult decisions the Englishman had to make along the way. “It’s very surreal because I’ve led an isolated life on this farm,” Wilde, who watched the awards ceremony with two dog companions from his home, told BBC. “Alex [Lockwood] filmed this isolation and the desperation I was feeling and to some extent still do. It’s true to life, unfortunately. I almost forgot it was me [on the screen] because Alex told the story so well. It’s a brilliant piece of work. He reflected reality.” Wilde is currently building necessary infrastructure on his land to produce organic vegetables and hopes to open a vegan bed and breakfast on the property in the future.

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