Vegan Girl Scout Emilia has set up a Thin Mints-only cookie stand in eastern New York according to local media outlet News 10. The six-year-old—whose favorite meal is pasta with soy sauce and nutritional yeast—decided to sell Thin Mints as a way to promote vegan options to her community. “It’s sort of hard because people don’t understand why you’re vegan and they don’t understand how you love animals,” Emilia said. “But it’s also good because you can help the animals and when you’re doing it, you can be happy about … like you can think ‘I’m glad I’m helping the animals because this is good.’”

The youngster’s vegan efforts are supported by Susan Conway, the retail sales and product services manager of Girl Scouts of Albany. “I would just love to tell Emilia, ‘You go, girl. Keep growing. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep standing up for what you believe in and go out there and ask everybody you know if they want to buy Thin Mints from you,’” Conway said. Emilia will be selling her vegan cookies until the Girl Scout cookie season concludes this month. “It makes me really happy to know that [I am] helping the animals and helping the Girl Scouts,” Emilia said.

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