Trader Joe’s is a bona-fide cult-favorite grocery chain for a reason. With trendy foods, affordable products, and new launches practically monthly, what more could we ask for? As an ode to our favorite meal of the day, snacks, we’ve compiled our 25 favorites from Trader Joe’s. Try these deliciously addictive vegan snacks next time you find yourselves in the aisles of this popular grocery destination.


1 Jalapeño Seasoned Corn & Rice Puffs

Made with corn, rice, and quinoa, these puffy snacks are baked, not fried, and dusted with a spicy pepper mix that makes them finger lickin’ good.


2 Spicy Mochi Rice Nuggets

These crunchy rice snacks are spiced up with a mix of chipotle, habanero, red chile pepper, ginger, and sansho pepper for a fiery, irresistible snack.


3 Spicy Porkless Plant-Based Snack Rinds

Made from a blend of seasoned rice and peas, these crispy vegan takes on pork rinds are our latest snack obsession.


4 Crispy Crunchy Okra

Okra, rice bran oil, and salt … that’s all you need for crispy munching perfection. Dip it in hummus, toss it into a salad, or eat it straight from the bag for a healthy snack.


5Enjoy Life Protein Bites

These chocolate-coated, allergen-friendly bites in sunseed butter and dark chocolate raspberry flavors are great for keeping in your bag for quick snacking while out and about.


6 Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

The cult favorite seasoning mix from TJ’s gets transformed into salty, seedy potato chips for a truly winning combo.

7 Papadums Lentil & Chickpea Crisps 

A light cumin flavor infuses each bite of these melt-in-your-mouth, thin and cripsy lentil and chickpea wafers. Pair with hummus, fresh chutneys, or TJ’s mango salsa for dippage. 


8 Peruvian Potato Chips

Wencco, Huayro Macho, Ceccaroni, and Sumac Soncco are the four potato varieties you’ll find in this colorful bag of kettle potato chips. Dip in the grocer’s vegan ranch sauce, hummus, or guac for the essential picnic snack.


9 Partake Foods Cookies

These Black-owned, allergen- and gluten-free cookies are light and crunchy. Crumble over sundaes, crush and sprinkle over nice cream, blend into milkshakes, or dip straight into a tall glass of oat milk.


10 Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

We are absolutely hooked on these little cups of nut-free chocolate treats! Our recommendation? Press into a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough and then bake into a stuffed, dreamy sweet treat.


11 Potato Chips Seasoned with Horseradish & Chives

Reminiscent of a sour cream and onion chip, these sinus-clearing bags of seasoned up potato chips are a great snack to stock up on for road trips or movie nights.


12 Chile-Spiced Dried Pineapple

Sweet, succulent dried pineapple gets coated in a dusting of salty-spicy cayenne chile seasoning for a complex, tangy, fruity snack.


13 Seasoned Kale Chips

This delicious alternative to traditional chips features crisp leaves of kale baked in a coating of tahini and cashew butter, with added zest from tangy lemons.


14 Everything But the Bagel Nut Mix

Potato chips aren’t the only snack getting the Everything But the Bagel treatment! Roasty, toasty almonds and cashews are taken to the next level with this salty seasoning.


15 Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil

Stock up on a couple bags of this munch-worthy popcorn for your next movie night. Olive oil still lends a buttery flavor, while just the right touch of salt will leave you coming back for more.


16 Multiseed Rice Crackers with Tamari Soy Sauce

Rice crackers have long been one of our favorite underrated snacks at this grocery chain. The slightly salty seed crackers are perfect for dipping or eating straight from the bag.


17 Rolled Corn Chile & Lime Tortilla Chips

If you love Takis, you’ll love these rolled, seasoned tortilla chip snacks! Each bite will leave you coming back for more, so take our advice and buy more than one bag.


18 Crunchy Curls

These lentil- and potato-based snacks will disappear in a flash once you crack open the bag. Dip these curls of crunchy goodness in the grocer’s vegan pesto or queso dip for a winning combo.


19Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft-baked, chewy, vegan cookies are studded with dairy-free chocolate chips and dotted with shredded coconut for this sweet, but hearty treat you’ll want to have on hand for when a craving strikes.


20 Almond Butter Cacao Bars

These soft and chewy bars feature a chocolaty, baked exterior and a creamy almond butter filling for a sweet tooth satisfying, lower-sugar energy bar. Keep a couple in your purse or car for when hunger strikes.


21 Frooze Balls

These energy balls are stuffed with peanut butter and jelly or a rich chocolate hazelnut filling for a tasty snack that tastes good enough to be dessert.


22 Coconut Cashews

With a lightly sweetened dusting of coconut milk powder and coconut, these roasted cashews make for a great energy booster during a busy work day. Keep a bag stashed at your desk for when a craving hits.


23 Cauliflower Crisps Snack

Made with cauliflower, brown rice, coconut milk, and sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds, each of these gluten-free, thin crackers are a perfect vessel for any array of dips and spreads.


24 Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzel Nuggets

A longtime favorite Trader Joe’s buy, these salty-sweet nuggets are almost always in our pantries or cupboards.


25 Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bites

Hearty, oat-based, kid-friendly nuggets of goodness have chunks of chocolate chips and are lightly sweetened with agave for a perfect snack.

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