The first day of spring technically falls in late March (March 19, if you’re curious), but while images of grassy fields and warmer weather are in our minds, the reality is that March is still an uncomfortably cold month for the majority of the US. Trader Joe’s new and returning vegan products recognize this transition period, offering up sweet treats like strawberry popcorn and comfort foods like vegan pepperoni slices.

We never know how long these products will stay, but that’s part of the fun of Trader Joe’s. Here’s how to make the most of March with these new, intriguing, and craveable vegan Trader Joe’s products available now.

8 new vegan products at Trader Joe’s this month

Here are eight vegan products to look forward to at Trader Joe’s this month—and you can take them home in one of the chain’s new mini $2.99 canvas tote bags, too.


1 Calamansi & Mango Sorbet

This tangy sorbet is pleasantly citrusy, nourishing, and delicious. Inspired by two of the Philippines’ most popular (and juicy) fruits, it’s the perfect sweet treat to keep on hand for days when you want something cool, refreshing, and a little lighter than ice cream.
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2 Hold The Cone Tips

The chocolate-filled tip is arguably the best part of the ice cream cone, and we won’t hear any different. And neither will Trader Joe’s, which is why it has launched these tasty, crunchy, Hold the Cone Tips. The mini cones are actually cookies (not ice cream!) and are packed with rich vegan-friendly dark chocolate.
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3 Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn

This Strawberry Kettle Popcorn will take movie night to the next level. Each kernel is drizzled with dark chocolate and contains real pieces of freeze-dried strawberries. It’s unlikely you’ll want to share, so we recommend stocking up on a few bags.
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4 Peas & Carrots Sour Gummy Candies

Stay with us, they sound odd, but these vegan gummies are actually tasty. You’ll be pleased to know that this is largely because while they are peas and carrots-shaped, they are not peas and carrots-flavored. Made with plant-based pectin instead of gelatin, they are the perfect mix of fruity, sweet, and sour.
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5 Vegan Pepperoni

Craving a meaty pizza? Trader Joe’s has you covered. Now you can make your own vegan pizza pie with the chain’s Vegan Pepperoni pieces, which are made with a blend of plant-based protein. For the perfect cheesy base, you can also grab its Dairy-Free Mozzarella Style Shreds, too.
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6 Shredded Spicy Mexican Blend

If you’re looking for a delicious, spicy, peppery vegan cheese that will go perfectly with your favorite Mexican dishes (and that melts beautifully), then we’re pleased to say that Trader Joe’s has got you covered, thanks to its Shredded Spicy Mexican Blend. Grab the nachos, it’s time to get cooking.
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7 Organic Midnight Moo Chocolate Syrup

Trader Joe’s recently announced the return of its Midnight Moo Chocolate Syrup. According to the chain, “It’s richer, more chocolatey, and more drizzle-able than ever.” Best of all? This time around, it’s dairy-free. 
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8 Almond Chipotle Dip

You can’t beat chips and dip. It is, arguably, the snack for everything from movie nights to game days to wine nights with friends. Hummus is always a great choice, but this new Almond Chipotle Dip from Trader Joe’s is also a great choice. It’s deliciously smooth, creamy, smoky, and incredibly addictive.
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