This month, JUST Egg became the first vegan product to win the “Best New Frozen Product” category during the bi-annual NEXTY Awards presented by New Hope Network—the organization behind trade show Natural Products Expo West, which was cancelled this year due to COVID-19 concerns. Beating out Applegate’s Well Carved (animal-based) Meatballs and Base Culture’s Original Keto Bread, the company won for its newest innovation: a folded, breakfast-sandwich-ready version of its mung bean-based JUST Egg, which will be hitting store shelves in April. 

“Whether you’re looking to eliminate animal protein from your diet or are simply seeking nutritious and convenient plant-based alternatives for your daily life, the Folded JUST Egg is a revelation,” the judges said about the new vegan product. “This is more than a great product; it’s a force with far-reaching market implications and a measurable environmental impact thanks to ingredients that consume 98 percent less water and emit 93 percent less carbon dioxide than animal proteins. Now we can safely say the egg came first.” 

In order to become even more competitive with chicken eggs, JUST recently implemented a 35-percent price drop of its JUST Egg products and is currently working with major partners to expand the vegan egg replacer worldwide. To date, JUST has sold the vegan equivalent of 30 million chicken eggs.

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