Vegan Lipstick Brand Fights Gun Violence with New Shade

The “Fired Up” campaign, created by social-justice brand The Lipstick Lobby, features Sandy Hook, Columbine, Pulse Nightclub, and Parkland survivors and raises funding for gun-control advocacy organization The Brady Center.


This week, vegan social-justice beauty brand The Lipstick Lobby launched its newest shade “Fired Up” as part of its new campaign to fight gun violence. Ahead of National Gun Violence Awareness Month in June, the brand partnered with gun-control organization The Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence (The Brady Center) to launch the burnt-orange shade ($19) and will donate 100 percent of its net profits to support the organization’s fight to reduce gun deaths by half by 2025. “Whether you are a gun-owner or not a gun-owner,” The Brady Center co-president Kris Brown said, “I think this is the kind of issue that we can all rally around and agree [that] we want make our schools, neighborhoods, movie theaters, churches, and concerts safe for all of us. And now is the time to make that happen.” The campaign features images of survivors from mass shootings including students, teachers, and families from Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Pulse Nightclub, and Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL—where 17 victims were killed in February. “At a time when nearly every day we turn on the television we are faced with the horrific images of a community rattled by gun violence, making the decision to stand up with The Brady Center was a no-brainer,” The Lipstick Lobby founder Davida Hall said. “While many are using their feet to march and their voices to be heard, we wanted to lend our lips because we’re ready to join the fight for our lives.” Last year, The Lipstick Lobby launched the “Kiss My Pink” shade, and #LipstickItToTheMan social media campaign, to raise funds for sexual health organization Planned Parenthood.

Photo courtesy of Kate Powers

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