Barcelona-based vegan meat brand Heura recently won the prestigious 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Award given by Spanish magazine Emprendedores de España. The award was presented in person to the brand’s co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma. “The companies of the future are the ones that integrate the social and the economic, and transform society,” Coloma said. “Traditions need to be updated and we are making better meat that responds to global challenges. Nothing has more strength than an idea whose time has come and now is the time for vegan meat.”

Feeding the “post-meat generation”
Previously called Foods for Tomorrow, Heura was founded in 2017 by Coloma and Bernat Añaños with the mission of creating plant-based meats that drive animal agriculture into obsolescence. Since then, the company has launched a variety of products including chicken, burgers, meatballs, and pizza. In April, Heura announced that it has grown by 450 percent in 2020 and currently offers its products at 3,000 points of sale in Spain, Andorra, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, and the United Kingdom.

In February, Heura secured a $271,000 investment from Spanish government-backed NEOTEC Program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development. Through the two-year program, the company plans to continue to fulfill its mission of democratizing access to plant-based foods to feed what Añaños calls the “post-meat generation.”

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