Boston, MA’s meat-centric poutine shop Saus—which serves fried chicken sandwiches and pork-belly poutine—recently opened a second location that is 100 percent meat-free. The new shop offers a fully veganizable menu that allows guests to customize their poutine by choosing the size of their French fries, the sauce, and any additional toppings. In addition to the iconic Canadian dish, the new Saus location offers sandwiches such as the Crispy Tofu Classic with scallion slaw, dill pickles, and mayo; burgers such as the BBQ Impossible Burger with fried shallots, vegan cheddar, scallion slaw, and pickles; and salad bowls such as the Crunchy Goddess with avocado sauce, pumpkin seeds, tomato, and vegan cheese. Owners Tanya Walker, Renee Eliah, and Chin Kuo decided to open the meat-free spin-off after incorporating a plant-based diet into their own lives. “When we opened the first location, we were in our early 20s, and it reflected how we ate and wanted to eat,” Saus co-owner Tanya Walker told media outlet “As we developed the second one, we wanted it to reflect our new chapter.”

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