This week, California-based vegan company Hodo Foods—which specializes in vegan ready-to-eat products—launched an organic tofu-based Cajun Burger in the refrigerated grocery section of 300 Target stores nationwide. The burger comes in a two-serving package and is available in Target stores in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Texas, Southern and Northern California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. To create the burger, Hodo took its top-selling organic Tofu Veggie Burger and added a Louisiana twist with spices such as paprika, thyme, and cayenne pepper. “Hodo’s original burger, launched in 2012, is one of our top-selling products, because it’s a delicious high-protein burger in the plant-based space,” Hodo Founder Minh Tsai told VegNews. “We start with a pure, organic tofu with a distinctively extra-firm texture that holds together very well on the grill. Its umami-rich and very high in protein. Customers have been asking for a remix with a kick. With the Cajun Burger, we looked to regional American cuisine for our next influence.” Last year, Hodo launched its Chermoula Moroccan Tofu Cubes and Thai Curry Nuggets—which can be heated in five minutes and used in dishes such as salads, rice bowls, noodles, or wraps—in at select Target stores. The brand also offers items such as ready-to-eat Sesame Yuba Noodles, 5-Spice Nuggets, and Sichuan Tofu.

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