New vegan eatery Vegan Mob opened in Oakland, CA last weekend to lines around the block and sold out of its food in approximately six hours. San Francisco native Toriano Gordon first launched the business as a pop-up with a soul food menu inspired by his grandmother—who used to own a restaurant in San Francisco’s Fillmore neighborhood. The menu features some items made with Beyond Meat (such as burgers and burger cheese rolls) and others made with Vegan Mob’s own plant-based brisket, including a sandwich, a barbecue plate, and the Barbequito (a burrito which also features “smackaroni” and cheese, slaw, and barbecue baked beans). The menu is rounded out with vegan shrimp-based dishes such as a creole gumbo and a po’ boy sandwich. “We had over 2,000 people standing in line for hours showing major love [and] positivity,” Gordon said on Vegan Mob’s Instagram page. “Pull up on us, baby,” Gordon urged as he announced new operating hours.

Photo Credit: Vegan Mob/Facebok

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