Barcelona, Spain-based vegan food startup Foods for Tomorrow recently launched a brand of plant-based meats that aims to revolutionize the food industry. Its Heura line of products includes vegan meats such as chicken nuggets, strips, and snacks, made from soy, olive oil, salt, and spices. “We do not create substitutes for meat but its successors. Heura was born with the objective of democratizing the meat category, offering easy-to-cook and delicious options that replicate the experience of meat but with all the benefits of vegetables,” Bernat Añaños, Foods for Tomorrow Director of Corporate Communications, told VegNews. “Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of the food we eat in terms of our health and sustainability, but often when we are filling our [grocery] basket we can become frustrated if we can’t find attractive options that align our desires and values. At Foods for Tomorrow, we understand that getting meat directly from vegetables is the best way to preserve our culinary traditions in a sustainable way without sacrificing a great experience.” Foods for Tomorrow plans to enter major Spanish retailers in May, boosting its distribution to 5,000 points of sale over the next 18 months. At the same time, it is focusing on international expansion with major retailers in Europe, including France, the United Kingdom, Holland, Portugal, and Austria, and eventually to other countries. To serve the “post-meat generation,” the company is also developing a variety of new vegan meat formats, such as cold cuts, hamburgers, hotdogs, and meatloaf.

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