Swedish startup VEAT Foods plans to install 10 vegan vending machines at office buildings, department stores, and co-working spaces across Stockholm by the end of the year. The machines will be filled with vegan ready-made meals such as wraps, salads, reheatable meals, snacks, and drinks, all priced between 29 Swedish Krona ($3.36) to 85 Swedish Krona ($9.85) to make vegan food accessible to everyone at any time of day. VEAT has already installed one machine earlier this month and raised 5 million Swedish Krona (approximately $580,000) in a pre-seed investment round to help fund its endeavor.

Vegan vending machines are becoming more commonplace all over the world, including in Canada where The Green Moustache Café fills machines at a sports center in Whistler, BC and inside a Vancouver hospital. Last month, workers at London, England’s Hillingdon Hospital gained access to 18 vegan meals thanks to a new on-site vending machine installed by vegan food company Vibrant Vegan in collaboration with vending machine company Open Kitchen Co. 

Stateside, new initiative Plantega launched earlier this month with the mission of bringing plant-based products to bodegas (corner stores) across New York City’s underserved communities. Currently, three Plantega coolers filled with products from Beyond Meat, Eat Just, Miyoko’s Creamery, and more are undergoing a 12-week trial at three NYC bodegas with a wider rollout planned should the concept prove successful.

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